A Team Michigan’s Emergency Medicine Department comprises of nearly 850 individuals. Who are they?They are gifted scientists pursuing new discoveries along the entire EM spectrum, from basic sciences to health services. They are pilots, nurses, mechanics, and dispatchers who make Survival Flight possible. They are prominent faculty. Dedicated physicians. Outstanding PAs and nurses. Hard-working residents. Medical technicians. Graduate and post-graduate researchers. Receptionists, administrators, and other vital support personnel.They are a team — part of an interdependent, high- performance network that spans clinical care, education, research, and outreach. Whatever their expertise, whatever their position, they all share the same mission of delivering exemplary care and achieving optimal outcomes for every patient. And, together, they are changing the face of emergency medicine. We Are: 8 Total Employees by job classification: Physicians 12% Faculty 7% Residents 2% Fellows Patient Care 45% RNs & Techs 10% Hospital Support 8% Survival Flight 4% PAs 12% Education & Research Support