23 International Partnerships PEKING UNIVERSITY HEALTH & SCIENCE CENTER The recent addition of an Emergency Critical Care Center (EC3) at Michigan Medicine provides a unique collaboration opportunity with the well-established Resuscitation Unit and Intensive Care Unit at Peking University. U-M and Peking University researchers are working together to develop a clinical research platform that will enable multicenter interventional clinical trials in ED settings. GHANA EMERGENCY MEDICINE COLLABORATIVE The Ghana Emergency Medicine Collaborative, funded by the NIH’s Fogarty International Center MEPI program, is actively developing an innovative, interdis- ciplinary, sustainable medical training program to improve the management of injury and acute medical conditions in Ghana, while keeping skilled health care providers in the region. This onsite training program has significantly increased Ghana’s emergency medicine capacity and treatment quality using a team-based approach, led by U-M Emergency Medicine’s Rockefeller Oteng M.D. Local Partnerships HEALTHY FLINT RESEARCH COORDINATING CENTER (HFRCC) Energized to help Flint recover from its water crisis, researchers from across the state and country now collaborate via the HFRCC, led by U-M Emergency Medicine’s Rebecca Cunningham M.D. The HFRCC serves as a coordinating center for all research programs focused on the economic, environmental, behavioral, and physical health of Flint residents. As a key element, the HFRCC includes community leaders to ensure that community participation and benefit are central considerations for all programs.