As one of the most successful academic emergency medicine programs in the country, our research capacity has flourishedin the last decade. U-M is the most highly NIH-funded emergency medicine depart- ment for research in the US, receiving more than 12% of the NIH’s emergency medicine research funding (2015). Five of our faculty members are among the top 50 most highly NIH-funded emergency medicine researchers. 19 + 25% FOUR Total research project funding (including NIH, non-NIH, and subcontract funds) increased 25% (from $15 million to $20 million) in 2016. 12% NIH funding accounts for 89% of our research portfolio. Another 11% comes from CDC, HRSA, NSF, DOJ, State of Michigan, foundations, and industry partnerships. U-M Emergency Medicine receives 12% of all NIH funding awarded to emergency medicine PIs. U-M Emergency Medicine is a leader in training future researchers, with four faculty currently funded with K awards. In addition, U-M has just landed a prestigious K12 training grant that will ensure a continuing pipeline of future EM researchers. 74 IN 2010 104 IN 2014 121 IN 2015 Faculty published in top-tier journals in 2016, including New England Journal of Medicine, Stroke, and Health Affairs. EM publications are on the rise: 2015 2016