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Diversity Café

The Diversity Café concept is built on the assumption that people have the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges. Given the appropriate context and focus, it’s possible to access and use this deeper knowledge about what’s important. If you’d like to make diversity more than just a word in your unit or department, invite us to host a Diversity Café for your team.

Our Role: Café Host
The Café Host is a member of our Diversity team who will come to your site to facilitate an engaging dialogue around questions that matter in the service of our work and living in a diverse community. The Host follows these guidelines for dialogue and engagement:

In addition to facilitating the Café, the host conducts a group debriefing session.

Your Role: Participate actively and abide by Café Etiquette:

Contact us
Charmaine Ward, Training Specialist, Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Diversity
Phone: 734-647-1911