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Pediatric Diabetes Education Classes

(for those 0–18 years of age)

Our diabetes education program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and certified by the Michigan Department of Community Health from June 2001. The recognition and certification process is based on National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education, Amercian Diabetes Association and MDCH requirements.


Class Offerings

Basic I - diabetes overview, medication, hypoglycemia management, school issues, nutrition - carb counting, glucose monitoring

Basic II - chronic complications, adjusting insulin doses, sick day management, living with diabetes/goal setting, coping with diabetes, holidays/special events, exercise

Type 2 Diabetes - same topics as Basic I and II but with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise for management of type 2 diabetes

Introduction to Insulin Pump Therapy - what is an insulin pump, advantages and disadvantages, different insulin pumps and infusion sets, pump features

Pump Therapy - basal and bolus programming, nutrition and the pump, pump emergencies, personal responsibility, initiation and site changes

Advanced Pump Features - dual/square wave (combo) boluses, temporary basal rates, adjusting basals and bolus ratios, new therapies in diabetes

Refresher Class - meant for patients who need a review of diabetes management. This includes adolescents whose parents have been the main caregiver of the diabetes until now. Topics vary to meet the needs of each participant.

Caregiver Class - meant for grandparents, teachers, babysitters, step-parents, and others interested in learning about how to care for a child with diabetes. The class will teach the skills needed to care for a child with diabetes. Class will be interactive with plenty of time to practice and ask questions.

Carb Crunching Class - two-hour class designed for parents and children ages 8-12 who have attended Basic I and Basic II and need a review of carb counting and good nutrition. Topics covered include carb identification, understanding nutritents, meal planning, healthy snacks, eating out, measuring foods, label reading, food scenarios, and goal setting.

Sports Nutrition - carbohydrates, target sports diet, protein, vitamins and minerals, pre-exercise eating, quick energy, fluids, weight gain and reduction

Class Registration

(734) 764-5175 or toll-free (800) 211-8181


Cost & Insurance Information

$42 per ½ hour (group) and $77 per ½ hour (individual).  Before attending the diabetes education session, please call your insurance company to verify insurance coverage for diabetes education.  Note:  Most insurance companies reimburse for diabetes education if it is a covered benefit in your policy.  In the event that your insurance does not cover diabetes education, you will be responsible for this bill.