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CVC Basic Science Research Seminar

The CVC Basic Science Research team is comprised of CVC members who aim to provide outstanding education focused on cardiovascular basic sciences. One aim of this team is to attract high caliber trainees to basic science cardiovascular research to University of Michigan. The CVC Basic Science Research Seminar Series was initiated in Fall of 2008 with a monthly, 1 hour scientific seminar provided by faculty members from across the medical school who are engaged in cardiovascular research and with ties to the CVC Basic Science Team. This team has also put together a “Cardiovascular Biology” short course to be initiated in 2009. This short course is designed to attract faculty and trainees to foster collaborative interactions among basic science investigators and clinicians. Each external speaker is scheduled to provide a traditional seminar focused on a specific theme followed by a separate panel discussion of one aspect of heart failure with trainees. Speakers will cover diverse topics in cardiovascular development, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and bioengineering. The theme for our first “short course” is Molecular Mechanisms and Treatment of Heart Failure. Several of the short course seminars will be incorporated into the Basic Science Seminar series contingent on speaker schedule.: 

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