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Building Features


A Healing Environment

The Cardiovascular Center offers exceptional doctors and advanced technology, but that’s not all. The dramatic new clinical building also features a five-story circular atrium that serves as a focal point for the entire building. Balconies on each level allow an unobstructed view of a dramatic waterfall and a lush indoor healing garden.

The garden is a light-filled sanctuary where CVC faculty, staff, patients and visitors find solitude, hope and peace – a secluded enclave away from the Center’s hustle and bustle. Two small waterfallsprovide a soothing, comforting background. The Center also features rooms for quiet reflection, a Wellness Resource Center and a Patient Learning Lab.

The Wellness Resource Center features a full-service library with a wide collection of print and audiovisual resources on all aspects of cardiovascular health and wellness. Its aim is to empower patients, families and the general public to make informed decisions about their health and to communicate effectively with clinicians. Visitors have access to handouts and brochures, and can check out books and DVDs or request a professional search on a specific topic. Internet-connected computers and a copier are also available for CVC patients and families.

The Patient Learning Lab offers one-on-one patient and family education about the special skills that might be needed for at-home care of a patient, such as blood pressure checks, tube care or injections.  

Nearby, a café with tables extending into the atrium serves as a gathering spot for those seeking a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor and indoor views. Area walls, as well as the walls throughout the center, are filled with introspective artwork.

Take a virtual tour of the new building now!

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