The University of Michigan

Student Profiles

Elizabeth Adams
Mentor: David Ginsburg
Determining the Roles of Mammalian SEC24 Isoforms
Seckin Akgul
Mentor: Yuan Zhu
Determination of the role of tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes in nervous system tumors
Steve Allen
Mentor: Sofia Merajver
Interplay of macrophages and inflammation with early breast malignancy and chronic mastitis
Hilary Archbold
Mentor: Kenneth Cadigan
Wingless Response Elements: Characterising the bi-partite binding motif of the transcription factor dTCF
Katherine Baldwin
Mentor: Roman Giger
Nervous System Regeneration: Molecular Mechanisms that Limit Axonal Regeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury, Optic Nerve Injury and Multiple Sclerosis
Shauna Marie Bennett
Mentor: Michael Imperiale
Intracellular Trafficking of BK Virus
Nadejda Bozadjieva
Mentor: Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi
The role of Akt/mTORC1 signaling in pancreatic alpha cell physiology
Arthur Brannon III
Mentor: Marina Pasca di Magliano
Initiation and progression of pancreatic cancer with a focus on signaling pathways
Elaina Breznau
Mentor: Ann Miller
Investigating how the small GTPase Rho regulates cytokinesis normally and how the Rho signaling pathway may become mis-regulated in cancers
Daniela Burgos-Ojeda
Mentor: Ronald Buckanovich
Internal Medicine Division of Hematology Oncology Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Gynecologic Oncology
Randi Burns
Mentor: Margit Burmeister
Discovering candidate genes in progressive ataxias
Susana Chan
Mentor: David Markovitz
The replication of human endogenous retrovirus type K (HML-2)
Jennifer Chase
Mentor: Ivan Maillard
Notch signaling, T cell differentiation and homeostasis, and hematopoietic stem cells
Albert (Tzong-Yang) Chen
Mentor: Patrick Hu
The role of DAF-16/FOXO in lifespan regulation of C. elegans
Jooho Chung
Mentor: Ivan Maillard
Transcriptional dynamics of notch signaling in peripheral T-cells
Meredith Collins
Mentor: Marina Pasca di Magliano
Kras in pancreatic cancer: tumor initiation, progression, and maintenance
Ishita Das
Mentor: JoAnn Sekiguchi
Role of a specific DNA nuclease in resolution of replication stress and maintenance of genome stability
Tamar Feinberg
Mentor: Stephen J. Weiss
Matrix metalloproteinase mobilization and function in branching morphogenesis
Nicole Gabreski
Mentor: Brian Pierchala
Functions of several splice variants of RET, a receptor tyrosine kinase, during development in the mouse
Laurie Griffin
Mentor: Anthony Antonellis
Identifying genes responsible for inherited neurodegenerative diseases; and Obtaining a better understanding of peripheral nervous system development
Alexander Holtz
Mentor: Ben Allen
Cell surface regulation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling, focusing on the interaction of pathway antagonists in mouse neural tube development
Brooke Horton
Mentor: Anuj Kumar
Mechanisms underlying synapse formation and neurogenesis in the hippocampus
Mangala Sidhar Iyengar
Mentor: Ronald Buckanovich
Role of immune cells in ovarian cancer angiogenesis and tumor antigen recognition
Derek Janssens
Mentor: Cheng-Yu Lee
Earmuff Regulation of Intermediate Neural Progenitors
Ray Joe
Mentor: Christin Carter-Su
Determining the cellular basis for the Phenotype observed in patients with mutation in the adapter protein SH2B1 which includes severe early onset obesity
Ritesh Kc
Mentor: Stephanie Bielas
Role of citron kinase (CIT) mutation in microcephaly and intellectual disability
Joseph Kruempel
Mentor: Patrick Hu
Mechanisms by which DAF-16/FOXO regulates lifespan in C. elegans
Yi-Chun (Jennifer) Lai
Mentor: Markus Bitzer
miRNA regulation in aged kidney
Jamie Lane
Mentor: Vesa Kaartinen
The role of Non-canonical Tgf?3 signaling in palatogenesis
Sarah Lang (Kampert)
Mentor: Margaret Westfall
Combination of Phosphomimetic Substitutions within Cardiac Troponin I Cause Functional Cross-Talk
Brian Larsen
Mentor: Deneen Wellik
The role of Hox6 genes in mouse pancreas development
Jeremy Linsley
Mentor: John Kuwada
A Novel Member of the Excitation-Contraction Complex in Zebrafish
David Lorberbaum
Mentor: Scott Barolo
Transcriptional control of gene regulation and focus on characterizing enhancer function using  Drosophila melanogaster
Kevin Lu
Mentor: Yukiko Yamashita
Asymmetric stem cell division
William Lu
Mentor: JoAnn Sekiguchi
Elucidating the mechanisms underlying regulation of the Artemis DNA repair factor
Matthew Marek
Mentor: Nils Walter
Single Molecule Tracking of Translating Ribosomes
Gabriel Martinez Santibanez
Mentor: Carey Lumeng
Inflammatory response during adipose tissue remodeling
Esha Mathew
Mentor: Marina Pasca di Magliano
Hedgehog signaling in pancreatic cancer
Yevgeniya Mironova
Mentor: Roman Giger
Nogo receptors in the healthy central nervous system by studying synaptogenesis, synaptic plasticity, and regulation of signaling pathways such as mTOR
John Moldovan
Mentor: John Moran
Mechanism of LINE-1 Retrotransposition
Andrea Morris Spencer
Mentor: Stephen Ragsdale
Regulation of biliverdin reductase and heme degradation through protein-protein interactions
Yashar Niknafs
Mentor: Arul Chinnaiyan
Transciptome analysis of cancers
Shelby Peterson
Mentor: Sunny Wong
Hedgehog driven tumor formation in the skin
Andy Polzin
Mentor: Jayakrishnan Nandakumar
Evolutionarily conserved signal transduction pathways that are dysregulated in human disease
Jennifer Ro
Mentor: Scott Pletcher
Role of the central nervous system in nutrient homeostasis and dietary restriction response
Carla Ramos
Mentor: David Antonetti
Investigations into the formation and loss of the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier in normal vascular biology, diabetes and cancer
Andrea Ramos
Mentor: Scott Barolo
Mechanisms of Gene Transcription Across the Hedgehog Signaling Gradient
Ciara Reyes
Mentor: Ann Miller
Investigating how the small GTPase Rho regulates cytokinesis normally and how the Rho signaling pathway may become mis-regulated in cancers
Jose Rodriguez-Nieves
Mentor: Jill Macoska
MAPK regulation of osteoblast differentiation
Nadia Sedastian
Mentor: Kathleen Collins
Viral pathogenesis at a cellular and molecular level
Heather Schofield
Mentor: Marina Pasca di Magliano
Kras mediated pancreatic carcinogenesis
Scott Scholz
Mentor: Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin
Biological engineering for sustainable energy and industrial applications
Jen Shadrach
Mentor: Brian Pierchala
Neuronal growth factors guide the development and maintenance of the nervous system
Christian Shively
Mentor: Anuj Kumar
Filamentous growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans
Jordann Smak
Mentor: JoAnn Sekiguchi
Examining the role of a DNA helicase in response to replication stress and in the maintenance of genome stability
Elisabeth Walczak (Starnes)
Mentor: Diane Robins
The role of androgen receptor genetic variants in prostate cancer initiation, progression and response to therapy
Daniel Treisman
Mentor: Yuan Zhu
The Role of p53 in medulloblastoma initiations
Christopher Walczak
Mentor: Billy Tsai
The role of ER factors in mouse polyomavirus entry
Guoxiao (Grace) Wang
Mentor: Jiandie Lin
Role of Nrg4 and Otop1 in brown adipose tissue metabolism and systemicenergy balance
Hanxiao Wang
Mentor: Alnawaz Rehemtulla
Regulation of FADD (Fas-Associated protein with Death Domain) through ubiquitination
Michael Waterson
Mentor: Scott Pletcher
Combines genetic, biochemical, and behavioral techniques to understand the nature of aging and the causes of aging-related disease
Natasha Weiser
Mentor: John Kim
microRNAs and other classes of endogenous small noncoding RNAs regulate fundamental biological processes
Corinne Weisheit
Mentor: William Dauer
Characterizing the behavioral and histochemical phenotype of novel mouse models of primary dystonia
Heiko Yang
Mentor: Yukiko Yamashita
Mechanisms how adult stem cells (or tissue-specific stem cells) maintain tissue homeostasis, using the Drosophila male germ line as a model system
Richard Yau
Mentor: Lois Weisman
PI3,5P2 signaling pathway and neurodegeneration