The University of Michigan

Student Groups

Association of Multicultural Scientists (AMS)

Association of Multicultural Scientists Outreach at Ypsilanti H.S.
AMS Outreach at Ypsilanti H.S.

AMS is a graduate student organization comprised primarily of historically underrepresented students in PhD programs in the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) program at the University of Michigan medical school. Founded in 1991, AMS is dedicated to the support, retention and recruitment of historically underrepresented students by offering activities and support which will meet academic, social and professional needs in an atmosphere of cultural context and comfort.

Biomedical Graduate Student Council (GSC)

GSC is made up of graduate student representatives from each area of the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS). The GSC is very involved within the University and throughout the surrounding community by holding programs and events such as the graduate student mentorship program, Habitat for Humanity, and the Detroit High School (DHS) fundraiser to name a few.

Rackham Student Government (RSG)

RSG is made up of students from all University graduate programs and represents all graduate students on several levels:

All students are welcome to contact RSG with issues or get involved!

Intramural Sports

CMB has a long lasting dedication to intramural sports. For several years CMB has funded both intramural soccer and football teams, which both have done extremely well against other UM teams. CMB would like to keep this tradition going in the years to come and is open to supporting other athletics.