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Student Awards & Achievements

Congratulations to CMB alum Krista Geister whose thesis introduction publication, "Advances in Skeletal Dysplasia Genetics", will appear in Annual Reviews of Genomics and Human Genetics. Great job, Krista!

Elaina Breznau's recent paper "MgcRacGAP restricts active RhoA at the cytokinetic furrow and both RhoA and Rac1 at cell-cell junctions in epithelial cells" was accepted by the Editorial Board to be highlighted in Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC). Highlights from MBoC will also appear in the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Newsletter, which highlights important articles from recent publications in MBoC. Congratulations, Elaina!

The following students have been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship:

Check out some of the research CMB student Jen Chase has been working on in this LSI press release from April 2015. GO BLUE!

Congratulations to CMB student Ishita Das on receiving the Rackham Summer Stipend Award for Spring/Summer 2015!

Shelby Peterson's paper "Basal Cell Carcinoma Preferentially Arises from Stem Cells within Hair Follicle and Mechanosensory Niches" was recently featured on the front page of Congratulations on this awesome achievement, Shelby!

Congratulations Brianne Docter, 2nd year CMB student in Dr. Jim Bardwell's lab, who was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Brianne's research entails investigating the chaperone activity of nucleic acids.

Congratulations to Jooho Chung, Elaina Breznau, and Esha Mathew who have been awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowships for 2015! Way to go!!!

Recurring Events:

Annual Symposium and Poster Session

Fall 2014 Symposium

To launch the academic year, CMB hosts a Symposium featuring a high-profile scientist as keynote speaker.  The seminar is followed by a poster session and reception at which every lab in the CMB Program participates.

CMB Retreat

CMB holds an off-campus weekend retreat in the Spring. It features a prominent keynote speaker, a career panel by CMB alumni, short oral presentations of research (format as at a national meeting) and poster session-mixer.  We welcome new students and faculty, and congratulate student awardees.  Lots of time for recreation and socializing.

Student-Faculty Lunches

One venue for CMB students and CMB faculty to interact informally takes place at the highly lauded Student-Faculty Lunch series. Small groupings of students and faculty who share common research interests chat at bi-monthly lunches in a relaxed setting. Topics range from research discussions that have led to new directions for some projects, to career advice, to programmatic features that have facilitated training innovations for students and faculty.

Career Development Workshops

CMB runs informal workshops on topics such as: grant writing, giving effective presentations, how to get the most out of going to a meeting, preparing a cv, how to look for a postdoc.

For those of you who missed our Active Career Exploration (ACE) workshops for figuring out your career while juggling busy lab schedules, we are publishing the ACE method in Science Careers. The article series is written so you can follow along and do the workshop yourself. See the link for stories and quotes from past participants.


Career Guidebook: