Patricia Keefer, M.D., is one of six staff physicians who coordinate admissions.

A Single Point of Access for Inpatient and ER Admissions

issue 1 | winter 2012

Admitting patients to C.S. Mott Children's Hospital just got easier with the Admitting Officer of the Day (AOD) initiative. The program puts carefully-chosen senior staff physicians on call 24/7 to champion the admission process with a single point of access.

"We heard from our referring physician colleagues that getting patients into our health system was difficult. They wanted one number to call and they wanted to talk to a doctor," says Chris Dickinson, M.D., chief medical officer at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

AOD addresses this feedback. The admitting officer will consult with you and coordinate all aspects of an admission to the ER or an inpatient bed, including transportation via ambulance or Survival Flight when necessary. If the patient is critically ill, the ICU will be notified and will advise local physicians on getting the patient stabilized for transfer.

Admitting officers on call rotate among Dickinson and five hospitalists. "We are all carrying cell phones so we can be in touch in real time, day or night. We are trying to get the kids on the road to Mott in less than an hour," says Dickinson. "We are dispatching our troops so we can get your patient here."