Geiger with the FlexDex, a laparoscopic surgery instrument the M-PED team is developing.

$2.2 Million Awarded for Pediatric Device Development

issue 1 | winter 2012

The Michigan Pediatric Device Consortium (M-PED), a project of the Medical Innovation Center at the University of Michigan, recently received a $2.2 million FDA grant to continue its work advancing the commercialization of pediatric devices. The consortium, which partners with the Pediatric Medical Device Institute in Roanoke, Va., is using the grant to fund three high-potential projects:

  • a treatment for short bowel syndrome that uses a device to induce small bowel lengthening without surgery
  • a smart rapid palatal expander to treat cleft palate using microengineering and low power circuits that sense and respond to orthopedic forces
  • a non-clotting, biofilm-resistant intravascular catheter to address the clotting and infection problems with catheters in newborns

"This award will give us a great opportunity to meet our vision of creating a long-term sustainable effort in pediatric device development under the umbrella of the U-M Medical Innovation Center," says James D. Geiger, M.D., pediatric surgeon and executive director of the Medical Innovation Center.