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Programs & Services: School-based Health Centers

In collaboration with the University of Michigan Health System and the Michigan Departments of Community Health and Education, the University of Michigan Health System funds and operates six school-based health centers in the Ann Arbor, Lincoln, and Ypsilanti public school systems. Known as the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS), our community partnership also works with the Washtenaw County Public Health Department and other health care providers.

Service Area
UMHS RAHS School Based-Health Centers serve students and families at these public schools:

RAHS School Based-Health Centers serve as a “health home base” for students and their family members during the school day. Students and families may use all services free of charge. Services include:

*Michigan law allows minors to receive confidential services in these areas.

Mission and vision
To provide school based health programs and clinical services that improve the wellbeing of students, their families, and community.

More information/contact

For more information, please contact the RAHS School Based-Health Centers staff at:

Or contact Administrative Office at (734) 998-2163.

In 1992, the Ann Arbor Public School District and the Ann Arbor Youth Services Task Force cultivated the blueprint of a community collaborative school-based health center in order to better meet the health and social needs of students and their families in the Ann Arbor area. From this planning effort, Ann Arbor's HealthPlace 101 opened two elementary school-based health centers in 1996, operating as a joint venture between the University of Michigan Health System and St. Joseph Mercy Health System in collaboration with the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

In 1998, the initiative was expanded to incorporate the Ypsilanti Public Schools. Through a joint venture between SJMHS and UMHS, U-M School of Nursing and Ypsilanti Public Schools, the East Middle School Wellness Center opened its doors in January 2000. The Ann Arbor HealthPlace 101 Center also expanded to two additional elementary schools and Scarlett Middle School. Ann Arbor's HealthPlace 101 Centers and Ypsilanti's East Wellness Center became known as the University of Michigan Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools (RAHS).

In May 2003, the University of Michigan Health System lost its funding partner when SJMHS was no longer able to support RAHS. At that time, the elementary school clinic facilities were closed, and children from those schools remained eligible to receive ongoing service but needed to travel to the Scarlett Middle School site to receive them. In October 2003, UMHS expanded services to students and their children at Stone High School in Ann Arbor. In October 2008, UMHS expanded services to students and their children at Willow Run Middle/ High School in Ypsilanti and in February 2012, the program expanded again to include Lincoln Consolidated Schools in Ypsilanti.