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Frank L. Fazzalari, M.D.
Frank L. Fazzalari, M.D.
Frank L. Fazzalari, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Cardiac Surgery

Crittenton Hospital
1101 W. University Drive
Rochester, MI 48307
Telephone: 248-601-6191


(only selected publications are listed)

  • Jamadar DA, Kazerooni EA, Cascade PN, Fazzalari FL, Vydareny KH, Bartlett RH. Adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: radiographic findings and correlation of lung opacity with patient mortality. Radiology 1996;198(3):693-698.
  • Bliss DB, Fazzalari FL, Bartlett RH. Critical oxygen delivery in an isolated porcine liver preparation. Surgical Forum; The American College of Surgeons, 1994.
  • Fazzalari FL, Phan S, Bonnel MR, Barlett RH. Elevated levels of TGF-b activity in patients with severe ARDS treated with ECLS. Chest 1994;106(2):64.
  • Fazzalari FL, Dechert RD, Barlett RH. Continuous mixed venous oxygen saturation as a good indicator of the oxygen delivery to consumption ration during ECLS. Critical Care Medicine 1994;22(1):167-169.
  • Fazzalari FL, Bartlett RH, Montoya GP. An intrapleural lung prosthesis; rational, design and testing. In: Mortonsen JD, ed. Artificial Organs 1994;18(11):801-805.