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updated 10.14.2014

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The UM SPORE continues to emphasize the importance of the DRP as an integral part of the of our prostate cancer research community. Through a process of rigorous peer review, we continue to encourage innovative and high risk / high reward prostate cancer research by established as well as new investigators to the field. DRP investigators are assisted not only by the DRP Co-leaders but also by the entire Operating Committee. The DRP is guided by the following Specific Aims:

Specific Aim 1: To fund new ideas and pilot studies in prostate cancer research.

Specific Aim 2: To guide successful completion of projects.

Specific Aim 3: To nurture developmental projects by mentoring investigators and monitoring research.

Dr. Maha Hussain and Dr. Mark Day serve as Co-Directors for the Developmental Research Program. Dr. Hussain is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Urology, and is nationally and internationally recognized for her scientific clinical research expertise in the area of genitourinary-oncology, particularly prostate and bladder cancers. She serves as the "clinical" expert for the Research Development Program. Dr. Mark Day is a Professor of Urology and has published extensively in the area of prostate tumor cell biology. He serves as the "basic science" mentor of the Developmental Research Program. Dr. Day is the PI of the Urology Training Grant and participates as a mentor in the Cancer Biology Training Grant. Drs. Hussain and Day meet twice with each project investigator to review progress. Project investigators also take part in the monthly SPORE meetings and annual retreat.


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