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Herceptin Fab antibody

U-M study challenges notion of using Herceptin only for HER2-positive breast cancer

New research from the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center finds that the protein HER2 plays a role even in breast cancers that would traditionally be categorized as HER2-negative -- and that the drug Herceptin, which targets HER2, may have an even greater role for treating breast cancer and preventing its spread. more

From Patient to Philanthropist

Although just out of high school, Matt Vogel left a lasting legacy for others facing rare skull base tumors.

In the years since Matthew Vogel died, part of him has continued on at the University of Michigan. more

Matthew Vogel

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Gene sequencing program helps identify cancer mutations

By looking at the entire DNA from just one patient's tumor, researchers have found a genetic anomaly that provides an important clue to improving how this cancer is diagnosed and treated. more

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New technique sheds light on RNA

When researchers sequence the RNA of cancer cells, they can compare it to normal cells and see where there is more RNA. That can help lead them to the gene or protein that might be triggering the cancer. more

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Capturing circulating cancer cells could provide insights into how disease spreads

Circulating tumor cells are believed to contribute to cancer metastasis, the grim process of the disease spreading from its original site to distant tissues. Blood tests that count these cells can help doctors predict how long a patient with widespread cancer will live. more

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U-M Football Event Supports Cancer Research

The University of Michigan Health System, in partnership with Michigan Athletics, is gearing up for an event that combines Michigan football and U-M's cancer research. more

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Director's Letter

Welcome to the spring edition of the U-M cancer e-newsletter. more

Max S. Wicha, M.D.
The Michigan Difference

A team of national leaders treating complex and rare cases.

Elena Stoffel, MD

A young cancer patient makes an important gift to research.


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Men's Football Experience
Michigan Athletics is planning an exciting event June 6-7 that will create a memorable Wolverine football experience that will benefit cancer research. Learn more

Global Youth Service: Kick Cancer
On April 25th students, faculty, and friends of Northview Crossroads Middle School in Grand Rapids, will host a walkathon to support the UMCCC. Learn more

iPads Help Cancer Patients Wile Away the Hours
ComfortApp, a student-run organization, has been raising funds to allow the UMCCC to loan iPads to cancer patients undergoing treatment. The devices help to make the time pass more enjoyably, and help patients stay connected to family and friends. Learn more

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