Univers is the official typeface to be used in conjunction with the logo and for design purposes. Its character styles and variety of weights make it a great font to use for both headlines and body copy.





The Victors font was created by the University of Michigan for the University of Michigan. This serif font represents the longevity of our institution while managing to remain modern-looking. Each letterform is carefully constructed to ensure strong character recognition - in both traditional and digital channels.

As tempting as it is to use this font liberally, it is not designed for long-form reading and is not available for general copy purposes. Use of the Victors font is limited to our wordmark.

Michigan Medicine


San Serif

A sans serif is a typeface with no decorative details, additional strokes or spurs at the end of the letters. They have a more modern, minimalist look.


A serif is a typeface with small decorative edges at the ends of the letters. They tend to look more traditional and sophisticated.

All-Caps Headers

Because the human eye is more accustomed to reading lowercase text, all-caps should be used sparingly and is best suited for short headings or sub-headings.

Left Justify

Left-align body copy whenever possible. Left-aligned copy is the easiest for our eyes to follow and therefore makes copy easier to read.


Benton Sans

In the event the font Univers is not available, Benton Sans can be used in its place. Benton Sans is a similar font to Univers in its character weight and width. Benton sans comes in thin, light, book, medium, and bold.

Benton Sans

Benton Sans

Benton Sans


Because the Victors typeface is limited to the university logos, the Georgia typeface is the best alternative to use for headlines or body copy. The look, feel and characteristic build of the two faces are very similar, making Georgia an appropriate alternative. Georgia can be used in both digital and print materials.

Georgia Regular

Georgia Bold