Media Bank has hundreds of high-resolution images and video from the U-M Hospitals, Health Centers, Medical School, research labs and more - including aerial building photos and faculty/leaders. If you have images that you want to share with others in the Health System, contact us. If you have questions about the proper use of any image, contact us.

Important note: All rights to all images in this database belong to UMHS or one of its units. All available images may be used for any official UMHS or U-M business. Images may be shared with the news media and external organizations. Non-U-M users may use these images for non-commercial purposes through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license but must display the following credit with each image: "Courtesy University of Michigan, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license."

Media Bank


Photography provides not just a quick representation of life at the university, but serves as a powerful catalyst for a richer emotional attachment to the institution.

Michigan Medicine photography should reflect the breadth of life in and around our medical campus and health centers. With a controlled color palette focusing on blue and yellow coupled with an emphasis on "lightness," Michigan Medicine's photography reinforces the idea of inspiration. The photography should seek the unexpected, and reveal the excitement and energy of discovery and transformation.

Michigan Medicine Photography is: Inspiring, Emotional, Thoughtful, Vibrant, Authentic.

Our Photography


Our photography is the embodiment of our brand personality. Good photography is a crucial element to the brand's identity and authenticity. When choosing a photo, try to stay clear of stock photography whenever possible. Staged, poor lighting, cliche graphics and low resolution images should be avoided.

Below are examples of the type of photos not to use.

Dos and Don'ts


Out of respect for our patients' privacy and to assure compliance with federal and state privacy laws, we may only share details about a patient's case when that patient (or his or her legally authorized representative) signs the Release of Information Form available below.

To give reporters and others permission to observe specific Michigan Medicine activities, follow the instructions on this internal policy.

Release From (PDF)    Staff Instructions (PDF)