Guidelines are essential to any large organization like ours where faculty, students and staff must make decisions concerning how to use the institution's logos and naming conventions. Consistent and correct use of our brand assets is important to our overall positive reputation.

Our logo is one of the most visually recognizable identifiers to our students, faculty and staff, as well as to the local and global community. The goal of Michigan Medicine is to create a strong, unified visual identity. This is best achieved with consistent and correct usage of our logo and visual elements.


The University of Michigan Health System and Hospitals & Health Centers are unified under the new Michigan Medicine logo. All use of the logos below should be stopped immediately and replaced with the Michigan Medicine logo.

Discontinued Logos

Unit, Department, Facility or Programs

Along with the UMHS logo, the use of any existing unit, department, facility or program logos should also be discontinued. The logos of only a select number of entities have been approved for continued use. You can find the list of approved logos by clicking here.


Effective January 9, 2017 the University of Michigan Health System officially becomes Michigan Medicine. After much research, discussion and industry review, we are changing our institutional name to Michigan Medicine to better reflect our three-part mission of patient care, education and research. Michigan Medicine also aligns with our current organizational structure to more closely integrate patient care with education and research.

Our New Logo

(Download New Logos)


Michigan Medicine and the Medical School are different from most campus units because of the overlap between our education, research and patient care missions. Which identity to select depends on the context in which it will be used.

Michigan Medicine

If the primary use is communicating with patients and families in the clinical care environment, or about the entire academic medical center, select the Michigan Medicine identity.

Michigan Medicine Logo

Medical School

If the primary use will be in an educator or research environment, select the Medical School identity.

Medical School Logo