Adult Ethics Committee

The University of Michigan Adult Ethics Committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee on Clinical Affairs as determined by the Medical Staff Bylaws.

The goal of the Committee is to facilitate communication among adult patients, their families and the treatment team to assist everyone in making appropriate choices when difficult decisions need to be made. The Committee provides consultation to the treatment team, patients and families on ethical, moral or philosophical problems and issues encountered in the course of managing inpatient and outpatient care.

The Committee is also responsible for reviewing and commenting on ethical aspects of clinical care, issues encountered in clinical practice in the clinical delivery system for both inpatients and outpatients and to assist the University of Michigan Hospital and Health Centers (UMHHC) in complying with ethical regulatory standards.

Committee members include physicians, residents, nurses and social workers, as well as medical students, an attorney/compliance officer, a chaplain, a medical ethics professor and members from the community.

The Pediatric Ethics Committee reviews ethical and moral questions for pediatric care.