Meal Options

AAMOW has consolidated our meal deliveries due to COVID-19 and is currently delivering meals on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We use a 4-week cyclical menu and provide Western, Asian, Kosher, vegetarian, cold bag and liquid meal options, which are available to those who are at nutritional risk. Patient Food and Nutrition Services at Michigan Medicine prepares our Western, vegetarian and cold bag meals in addition to providing our frozen Kosher and liquid meals. Our Asian meals are prepared by Lucky Kitchen.Clients can contact the AAMOW office with any questions about their menu options.

Western Standard Entrée Western Cold Tray Sides Western Vegetarian Entrée
Western Standard Entree Western Cold Tray Western Vegetarian Option
Cold Bag Ensure
Cold Bag Lunch Ensure
Asian Meal Soup Asian Meal Entrée Asian Meal Orange Juice
Soup option Aisan Meal Orange Juice